PT Gunung Amal Solution provides a variety of Information Technology (IT) training services designed to meet the needs of industry and organizations. The following is information regarding our training services:

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    Developing Syllabus and Providing Trainers

    We understand that effective training starts with compiling a syllabus according to the needs of the industry and the trainees. Our team will work with you to design a syllabus that is structured and in line with the latest trends in IT. In addition, we have a team of instructors who are experienced and experts in their fields, ready to provide high-quality training according to the syllabus that has been prepared.

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    Collaboration Classics

    Collaborative classics are a training approach that involve face-to-face sessions at your location. It is an ideal choice for those who prefer hands-on interaction with instructors and classmates. We organize interactive and intensive training sessions where participants can directly discuss, ask questions and practice in a traditional classroom environment. This allows deeper knowledge exchange and direct interaction with instructors

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    Organizing Training

    We take responsibility for organizing and conducting training in a comprehensive manner. Our team will plan the schedule, location and other technical details according to your needs. We provide the necessary facilities for a successful training. From venue setup to training materials, we make sure everything runs smoothly.

Why Choose PT Gunung Amal Solution

  • Customization

    Our training syllabus is specifically designed to meet the needs of your industry.

  • Expert Instructor

    Our instructors have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in IT

  • Training Quality

    We prioritize the quality of learning and provide relevant and up-to-date materials.


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