Engineering Management System (Data Validation) is an application to check, validate, and ensure the integrity and accuracy of data entered into the system. This module performs a series of tests and verifications on data imported or migrated from various sources. This validation process includes checking the consistency, completeness, and conformity of the data with predetermined rules and standards. With this Data Validation module, the system can ensure that the data used in various processes and subsequent analysis is valid and reliable data, thereby supporting more accurate and efficient decision making.

Features & Function

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    Capture Mode

    Record complete data based on data activity entered into the system.

    • Service Capture : Updating and saving access network turnover service data.
    • Resource Capture (DP/ODP) : Validate uplink port and downlink port data connected to DC (Distribution Cabinet) and customers.
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    Data Management

    Control the creation, storage, browsing, maintenance, and placement of data.

    • Service Data Management : Perform follow-up or verification of access network turnover service data.
    • Resource Data Management (DP/ODP) : Follow up or verify DP/ODP resource data.
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    Label Management

    Manage application protection through regulatory enforcement.

    • Generate Label Code : Create label code for labeling on ODP, ODP Pole, and Drop Cable.
    • Label Code Utilization : Displays service data and resources that have or have not been labeled.
    • Label Code Info : Search for related label code.
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    Bulk Operation

    Uploading bulk data, including label code, ODP, Port ODP, and services.

    • Bulk Operation Request : Update data in bulk based on the template provided.
    • Bulk Update Label Code : Update label code on ODP, Port ODP, and service.
    • Change Subscriber Terminal Port : Move the service to the port it is intended for.
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    Monitor gaps between planning and targets.

    • Service Data Management (Monitoring) : Monitor updated service data from Capture Order and Service Data Management.
    • Resource Data Management (Monitoring) : Monitor updated resource data from Capture Order and Resource Data Management.
    • Bulk Operation Request (Monitoring) : Monitoring the results of data updates from Bulk Operation Requests.
    • Bulk Update Label Code (Monitoring) : Monitoring the results of updating data from the Bulk Update Label Code.

Business Objects Covered

  • Service and Data Orders

    Service and Data Orders

  • Power Source (DP/ODP)

    Power Source (DP/ODP)

  • Tag Code

    Tag Code

  • Monitored Resource and Service Data

    Monitored Resource and Service Data

Application Advantages

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    Business Process Efficiency

    • 2

      Data Integration

      • 3

        Label Management

        • 4

          Management of Large Amounts of Data

          • 5

            Data Driven Decision Making

            • 6

              Service Improvement

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                • Frontend
                  • Codeigniter PHP

                    CodeIgniter is a PHP framework that helps in building web applications quickly and efficiently. The use of PHP also allows the development of dynamic and interactive applications.

                • Backend
                  • Java

                    Using Java in these applications can provide support for more complex functionality and allow for strong integration with other components.

                • Database
                  • Oracle

                    The use of Oracle database ensures reliable and secure data storage. It also provides good performance and support for complex data management.

                • Insfrastructure
                  • Linux

                    Linux can be adapted and configured as needed, providing greater control over the server environment.

                  • Apache Server

                    Apache Server is a popular and reliable web server. This ensures the application can be accessed efficiently by users from various locations.

                  • Web Server

                    Web servers like Apache or Nginx are able to handle lots of traffic quickly and efficiently.

                • Development Tools
                  • Gitlab

                    GitLab enables source code management through version control, as well as team collaboration in software development.

                  • SoapUI

                    SOAP UI is a web service testing tool that helps in testing, managing and monitoring the functionality of web services. This ensures that the integrated services function properly.

                  • SSL dan TLS

                    SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) are encryption protocols used to secure data communications between servers and clients.

                  • SFTP dan SCP

                    SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) and SCP (Secure Copy Protocol) are secure file transfer protocols that run over SSH.

                  • SSH

                    SSH (Security Shell)  is a network protocol used to secure remote access to systems and devices.


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