Customer Complaint and Request Management System An application that provides solutions to manage customer complaints and requests. The app features submission forms, automatic routing to appropriate units, status tracking, access to related content and a Grafana visual dashboard for monitoring. Developed using Node.js and Bootstrap for the front end, along with Neo4j and PostgreSQL for database management. Increase operational efficiency and transparency in handling customer complaints and requests.

Features & Function

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    Complaint and Request Form

    Users can fill out a form detailing their complaint or request.

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      State Tracking

      Users can track the status and progress of their requests.

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        Provide transparency in handling complaints and requests.

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          Access Related Content

          The application provides access to content or articles that are relevant to topics or categories related to customer complaints or requests

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            Solutions and Follow Up

            The responsible team can implement solutions on complaints or requests, and customers will be notified about the follow-up taken.

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              Grafana Dashboard

              Visual dashboard that displays the percentage of requests based on the status and monitoring of related units/departments.

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                Cammunda Integration

                Integration with Camunda for advanced workflow and process management.

                Business Objects Covered

                • User Complaints and Requests

                  User Complaints and Requests

                • Status and Follow Up

                  Status and Follow Up

                • Units/Departments


                • Data Dashboard

                  Data Dashboard

                • Content


                Application Advantages

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                  Opertional Efficiency

                  • 2

                    Effective Communication

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                        Problem Analysis

                        • 5

                          Data Driven Decision Making

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                            Service Improvement


                            • Frontend
                              • Bootstrap

                                Bootstrap is used to develop responsive and accessible user interfaces. This ensures that the application can be properly assessed on various devices.

                              • Node JS

                                JS nodes allow use of JavaScript on both sides (client and server), reducing complexity and the need to learn a new language.

                              • Figma

                                Figma is used to easily design application user interfaces. This enables collaboration in design and ensures an attractive and intuitive user interface.

                              • Pug JS

                                PUG provides a simple and easy-to-read template syntax, allowing separation between logic and display.

                              • Grafana

                                Grafana provides a powerful data visualization solution through a customizable dashboard. This helps in monitoring the performance of complaints and requests effectively.

                            • Backend
                              • Swagger

                                With Swagger, you can ensure consistency in your API documentation. This makes it easier for development teams working together to understand and use the same API

                              • Node JS

                                Built for scalability, Node JS can handle heavy loads with high performance.

                              • Golang

                                The use of Golang as a programming language brings high speed and performance in application development. This contributes to better response times and optimal application performance.

                              • Camunda

                                Integration with Camunda brings sophisticated process management capabilities. This allows setting up and monitoring of automated workflows in handling complaints and requests.

                            • Database
                              • Neo4j

                                Neo4j is a graphing database specially designed for managing structured data in graphic form. This allows for a better representation of the relationships between data, which is often found in applications that involve complex connections.

                              • PostgreSQL

                                Powerful and sophisticated database technology for storing and managing customer data, complaints and requests. PostgreSQL ensures data is stored safely and efficiently.

                            • Insfrastructure
                              • Linux

                                Linux can be adapted and configured as needed, providing greater control over the server environment.

                              • Docker

                                Docker provides an isolated environment for applications, enabling fast and consistent application deployment.

                              • Web Server

                                Web servers like Apache or Nginx are able to handle lots of traffic quickly and efficiently.

                              • MiniO

                                MinIO is used for object-based storage management. This enables secure storage and efficient scalability for all types of content regarding complaints and requests

                            • Development Tools
                              • Gitlab

                                GitLab enables source code management through version control, as well as team collaboration in software development.

                              • Trello

                                Trello provides an easy-to-understand board view for organizing tasks, workflows, and projects.

                              • OWASP

                                OASP provides a framework and guidelines for securing web applications from various cyber attacks and security holes.


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